How ALIS Can Make Your Lab More Productive
Agri-Labs Information Systems (ALIS) smoothly manages all types of raw laboratory data flowing out of the sample life cycle from beginning to end. Written to run on Microsoft's 32-bit operating systems, our informatics product is not just another collection of Excel spreadsheets used as front-ends to Access databases. Nor is our ALIS LIMS written in a dead or dying language. Rather, ALIS is an inter-relational database of six modules, (Soil, Water, Plant Tissue, Manure/Compost, Feeds/Forage and Air), based upon matrices of the Earth's hydrologic cycle written in the robust and stable Clarion 5.5 language suitable for use in agricultural and natural resource laboratories. ALIS LIMS readily accommodates increased sample volume.

We've kept ALIS affordable. By standardizing the work up front in this commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution, ALIS software is easy to learn, install, setup, implement, validate, use, upgrade and customize (to a large degree), e.g., benchsheets, by your own laboratory staff with your own formulas and parameters entered into text boxes before your samples are ever added. Much of the work is easily done via forms with check and text boxes, drop down selections, radio buttons, drag and drop browse windows and tutorials.
If you do not wish to use the many pre-made report styles that come with the ALIS package, you may opt to either buy the optional Clarion Report Writer and/or ODBC Driver to create your own or you can have Desert Oasis Software Company do it for a reasonable fee.

Redundant data cascades throughout the system after initial data entry to eliminate typographical errors. ALIS import and export routines are used to incorporate historical records, device readings, instrument results and accounting information into and out of the LIMS. For time-sensitive sample results, ALIS can be setup to transmit short messaging service (SMS) notification to your clients' wireless devices. Also now available is the ALIS Internet Interface. Contact us for more information.

Current version is 2.6a .


Page Last edited on 4 July 2011

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