Desert Oasis Software Company LLC was formed with the specific goal of creating a new LIMS program that would run within the ubiquious Microsoft Windows environment.
There was a dearth of good LIMS packages for agriculture and many labs were still running old DOS systems that were not Y2K ready. This was obviously a problem, as, in our area, agriculture is a major economic force. Without reliable testing information, the farmers would not be able to produce their crops as economically and with the environmentally sound practices that they desired. One of our area laboratories had been searching for an adequate replacement for their antiquated software, and, unable to find anything on the market that met their needs, they contacted us.
We initially did not realize how great the need was, but it was soon apparent that agricultural labs were grossly neglected in the software world. Much to our dismay, this same situation seemed to be rampant in the Land-Grant universities as well! Many of them were still using paper and pencil to record results which were then transferred into a spreadsheet where they would be manipulated and finally printed out, taken to a fax machine and sent to the clients. Even those that had a LIMS many times had patch on patch, to the point where no one knew how the whole system worked! This had come about in spite of best intentions as student programmers came and went, and code was modified but not always documented. If these scenarios sound eerily familiar to your circumstances, you have our sympathies, and our phone number! We can also tell you how common that is!

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